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Digital wallets on smartphones are already a reality and make paying a lot easier. However, in Brazil, they are limited to credit cards — until now, at least. Samsung Pay has started showing an option to add transport cards.

Samsung Pay (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

The feature started to appear this week on Samsung smartphones. For now, it is not possible to register cards, but the option appears may indicate some movement in this direction.

transport cards in Australiaat South Koreain singapore and on Russia are already compatible with Samsung Pay, among other countries.

Option to register transport card appears in Samsung Pay for Brazilian users
Option to register transport card appears in Samsung Pay for Brazilian users (Image: Ariel Liborio / APK Games)

Apple Pay also lists the option — when you go to add a new card to Wallet, it asks if it’s a credit card or a transport card. Even so, this was never useful in Brazil.

Apple Pay accepts transportation cards in some cities in the USA, Canada, China, UK, Japan and Australiato name a few examples.

Google Pay also offers the possibility to use transport cards in the US and Singapore.

Brazilian capitals accept credit cards for transportation

So far, no Brazilian transport card works with Apple, Google and Samsung digital wallets. Even so, it is possible to use them to pay for tickets and tickets in some cities where the collectives accept credit and debit cards.

It’s as if you were using your cell phone in any machine and paying with your registered credit card, only on the bus.

In Sao Paulo, some buses accept credit card payment by approximation — so far, this feature is not present in most vehicles. In them, you can use one of the digital wallets from Samsung, Apple and Google to pay the ticket.

However, this payment method does not offer integration. With the Bilhete Único, you can board up to four buses in a period of three hours, paying only one fare, or take buses and subways/trains for a reduced price.

In Curitiba, you can pay your bus ticket with a contactless credit or debit card — Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet are also accepted. It is possible to take other buses at terminals and tube stations without paying another ticket.

Rio de Janeiro has a different solution. The Riocard Mais system offers its own application, that turns Android phones with NFC into digital cards. Just reload the app Digital Card + Validate More and use it on trains, vans, buses, subways and BRT.

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