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World Cup year is the favorite time for many people to switch TVs and watch the games on a new screen. With the competition less than two months away, the Samsung presented its product portfolio for this sector. The team has the QN900B, an 8K Neo QLED TV up to BRL 76,000. The series lifestyle brings models for those who want a differentiated look, and the Neo QLED 4K promise high quality displays and more affordable prices.

Neo QLED TV (Illustrative image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Let’s start with the most advanced model, the QN900B. Available in 75 and 85 inches, it features 8K resolution and Mini LED technology. The device promises great levels of contrast and brightness. In terms of design, the highlight is the thickness of only 1.5 cm.

The device also has artificial intelligence for upscaling and a dedicated 8K Neural Quantum Processor — as 8K content is not so common yet, it is necessary to “upscale” what is available at lower resolutions.

For panel control, Samsung brings 14-bit mapping and promises up to four times more shades between black and white.

The 85-inch QN900B still does not appear on Samsung’s online store, but at retail, it is found for R$76,000. The 75-inch model has a suggested retail price of R$50,000.

Samsung also offers two other Neo QLED 8K models.

One of them is the QN800B, with 65, 75, and 85-inch options. The other is the QN700B, with 55- and 65-inch versions.

All 8K models also feature standard Dolby Atmos sound and Sound & Motion and Sound Sync technologies for a more immersive experience.

QN90B has 144 Hz and HDMI 2.1

Following in the portfolio of the Neo QLED line, Samsung also offers 4K models. The main product is the QN90B, which has versions of 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches. The two larger models come with 120 Hz panels, while the two smaller ones go up to 144 Hz.

Neo QLED TV (Illustrative image: Disclosure/Samsung)

The QN90B offers four HDMI 2.1 ports, which are Xbox Series S or X and PlayStation 5 ready. O technoblog already tested the model in June 2022.

Samsung also presented the QN85B models, in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches versions, and QN83B, 55 and 65 inches. The QN83B is a more affordable version of the QN85B, with less powerful speakers.

In addition to televisions that promise superior picture quality, Samsung offers the Lifestyle line, with a focus on heart design.

The Frame model, for example, is intended to simulate a work of art when the screen is off — so it looks like you have a frame on the wall, not a TV. It has versions in 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches.

The devices have a Matte finish on the screen, to reduce the interference of ambient light and reflections. There is also the option to customize the frames.

TV The Frame
TV The Frame (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Another model is The Serif. Like The Frame, the idea is art, but with another format: it is a TV to be placed on an easel, as if it were a painting. The Serif is available in 55 inches, in white.

Finally, The Sero is a TV that rotates vertically, to adapt to digital content, such as Instagram and TikTok videos, for example. It has a 43-inch 4K QLED screen.

Samsung also offers two projector models with smart experience. The Premiere is capable of generating images up to 130 degrees at 24 cm from the wall, with 4K HDR resolution. The Freestyle, on the other hand, focuses on portability and generates images from 30 to 100 inches in FullHD.

Suggested prices

QN900B 8K

  • QN900B 8K 85”: R$75,999 (not found on Samsung’s website, but available at this price at retail online)
  • QN900B 8K 75”: BRL 49,999

QN800B 8K

  • QN800B 8K 85”: BRL 49,999
  • QN800B 8K 75”: BRL 23,999
  • QN800B 8K 65”: BRL 14,499

QN700B 8K

  • QN700B 8K 65”: BRL 12,999
  • QN700B 8K 55”: BRL 8,999

QN90B 4K

  • QN90B 4K 65”: BRL 11,499
  • QN90B 4K 55”: BRL 7,499
  • QN90B 4K 50”: BRL 5,299
  • QN90B 4K 43”: BRL 5,099

QN85B 4K

  • QN85B 4K 85”: BRL 26,999
  • QN85B 4K 75”: BRL 16,999
  • QN85B 4K 65”: BRL 9,999
  • QN85B 4K 55”: BRL 5,999

QN83B 4K

  • QN83B 4K 65”: BRL 9,799
  • QN83B 4K 55”: BRL 5,899

The Frame

  • The Frame 85″: BRL 26,999
  • The Frame 75″: BRL 13,999
  • The Frame 65″: BRL 8,499
  • The Frame 55″: BRL 4,699
  • The Frame 50″: BRL 4,399
  • The Frame 43″: BRL 3,699
  • The Frame 32″: BRL 2,699

The Serif

  • The Serif 55”: BRL 9,999

The Sero

The Freestyle

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