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Every week a series of topics are created on the TB forum with questions that make our readers curious. What is the future of open finance? Digital or numeric password: which is safer? Check out, in the following lines, everything that happened in the Community between the 17th and 23rd of September.

Check out the highlights of the week (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

What would you think of a function in WhatsApp that makes the app more “secret” than the existing encryption? This was the question raised by the Rodrigo dos Santos at TB community.

“The feature is lacking because of the privacy between two people in the chat. Nobody knows whether personal data leaks can occur. Telegram does, unlike WhatsApp.

why have? Conversations could not be “printed”, for example.

What do you think exactly?”

It’s an interesting question, but it can be a waste of time for developers.

With the advancement of technology, the chances of this being circumvented are high, especially by malicious users. This was a note made by other members of the Community.

Comments made by other members in the Community
Comments made by other members in the Community (Image: Reproduction)

To learn more about the subject, and also to participate in the debates, access the topic at TB community. His comments are always welcome.

Below, check out other topics that rocked the week.

Other topics that resonated in the Community

Application development, difference between Intel processors and more. Access the topics below to better understand how the last week was at TB community.

  1. New operating mode of the fake job scam
  2. What is the future of open finance?
  3. Digital access or numeric password?
  4. How to set a video as wallpaper on PC

In addition to the discussions proposed by the members, our team of authors produces articles, reports and promotions that also generate debates.

See below for the most successful discussions.

The 5 best discussions about APK Games agendas

  1. YouTube scares you by putting 10 ads before the video and says it was just a test
  2. Oppo arrives in Brazil with Reno 7, cell phone with AMOLED and 5-year warranty
  3. IBM LinuxOne Emperor 4 is a server that only runs Linux and has 32 CPUs
  4. PayPal distributes R$50 and R$25 coupons; check out the redemption link
  5. Apple readjusts prices for some services in Brazil; Apple TV+ has a 50% increase

The subject that generated the most discussion was the tests carried out by YouTube on the platform. Recently, the streaming platform started testing to show up to TEN ads before starting the video chosen by the user.

According to reports on social media, and on forums like Reddit, the option to skip ads no was available. 👌

YouTube displays ten ads at once (Image: Playback/Reddit)
YouTube displays ten ads at once (Image: Playback/Reddit)

To PCMaga spokesperson for the service confirmed the experiment: “We ran a small global experiment that served multiple ads in an advertising pod when viewers watched longer videos on television.”

In addition, another hot topic in the last week was the coupons distributed by PayPal. The company released a coupon of R$50 and another of R$25.

Both are valid until September 30th and can be checked at article by Lucas Lima. To redeem, just be eligible, access the links and log in with your account — I, for one, couldn’t. 🙃

Those were the most talked about topics of the week, folks. Don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in discussions at the Community.

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