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THE Sony continues to post revised versions of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) in the market. The latest is a lighter variation than the previous ones and that heats up less. But the main attribute is this: the console has a chip AMD Oberon Plusof 6 nanometers.

PlayStation 5 (image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Internally, Sony identifies the latest revision of the PlayStation 5 as CFI-1200 — to be exact, as CFI-1202. The model’s Oberon Plus chip is manufactured using a 6-nanometer process from TSMC. For the record, the original PS5 chip features 7 nanometer technology.

PS5 lighter and less hot

At first glance, the new chip doesn’t seem to represent a dramatic change. But only on the first look. The truth is that the difference in nanometers contributes to the console consuming less energy and therefore generating less heat. If the temperature drops, the cooling system can be less complex.

At first PS5 CFI-1202 units arrived in Australia at the end of August. Wasting no time, youtuber Austin Evans not only got his hands on one of them, he also took the console apart.

In the video of the procedure, Evans proves that the revised PlayStation 5 requires less power and is lighter. The use of a smaller cooling mechanism compared to previous versions certainly contributes to this.

The weight reduction is approximately 500 grams. The energy consumption is estimated at something between 20 and 30 W less compared to the original model.

Interestingly, it is only now that information about Oberon Plus has emerged. The website Angstronomics reveals that the new chip has an 18.8% increase in transistor density. The die (matrix) is 260 mm², against about 300 mm² of the previous chip.

6nm Oberon Plus on the left, 7nm Oberon on the right (image: reproduction/Angstronomics)
6nm Oberon Plus on the left, 7nm Oberon on the right (image: reproduction/Angstronomics)

It’s unclear what this change means in terms of performance. In any case, everything indicates that the CFI-1202 revision was developed mainly to shorten the console production courses.

Notice that the external look changes little or nothing compared to previous versions. As Austin Evans points out, the changes are substantially internal, involving not only components, but their physical position.

Apparently, the cost reduction achieved in this review is 12%. But this does not necessarily imply lower prices for consumers.

YouTube video

A review, not a new console

Will the PlayStation 5 have a Slim or Pro version, like the previous generation? Perhaps. There are even rumors that a PS5 with external disk drive will be released in 2023. But for now, Sony is focused on optimizing the original PS5.

Let’s say this is a ritual. Just remember that, in mid-2021, Sony released the review PS5 CFI-1100.

It is worth noting that the CFI-1202 revision is divided into CFI-1202A (Blu-ray version) and CFI-1202B (digital version). The latter is the one analyzed by Evans.

It is also worth noting that Australia has been the first country to receive PS5 reviews, with Japan appearing in the sequel. As for Brazil, there is still no news.

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