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Old cell phones with battery problems is nothing new. Difficulty recharging or bloating are common issues, but over the years, companies have improved their products in these areas. However, it seems that Samsung is still far from offering the expected quality. a youtuber named Mrwhosetheboss reported that several smartphones in his warehouse have swollen batteries, all of them from the South Korean brand.

Galaxy S21+ battery (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

In the 10-minute video released by the youtuber aka Arun Maini, he points out that the swelling in the batteries was strong, basically splitting the smartphones in two. Devices like the 2017 Galaxy Note 8, 2015 S6, 2019 S10, and 2020 S20 FE had the exact same flaw.

The presenter’s first reaction was to blame a recent heat wave in the UK, however, he soon realized that other phones like the iPhone, Google Pixel and Asus did not suffer from the same situation. All are stored in the same environment, with the same temperature and conditions.

So, Mrwhosetheboss went to social media and found that this is happening to other users. Basically, a lot of Samsung devices from a few years ago are having bloat issues. Models such as the foldable ones also did not escape this, presenting identical defects of the other smartphones of the brand.

That is, apparently, the company is again having a headache related to its batteries. Of course, it’s not something as serious as the Galaxy Note 7 explosions in 2016but it is something to be closely checked by the company.

YouTube video

Youtuber still waiting for Samsung’s return

After his findings, the youtuber made a post on Twitter, which received a response from the manufacturer. In the exchange of emails, the South Korean company said it takes this type of issue very seriously. In addition, she asked to check the devices.

Mrwhosetheboss questioned when he would receive a return, if he would have the cell phones back or if they would be exchanged, however, the company did not set a date for any of these options.

More than 50 days after initiating contact and sending the smartphones, Samsung still has not provided feedback to the content producer.

With information: Android Police.


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