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“The best and the worst of technology” is our traditional technocast of annual retrospective, but the title of the 2022 episode could be “The Worst and Worst of Tech”. This was a complicated year not only for those who like technology, but also for companies in the sector: we had massive layoffs in big techs, hidden inflation in electronics and stagnation in the development of new technologies.

Tecnocast 273 – The best and worst of technology in 2022 (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Not everything was bad, of course. Pure 5G is finally in operation in Brazil; a dominant social networking company saw its monopoly threatened for the first time; and we even commented on our sky-high expectations for the metaverse, which… nah, bullshit, we didn’t even mention that word during our two-hour special. Come with us to remember the highlights of 2022!



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