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According to a new report by the The New York Times, the Biden administration and TikTok may be close to an agreement to keep the app working in American lands. according to NYT“four people with knowledge of the discussions” said that in recent months, the US has worked out a preliminary agreement with the app “to resolve national security issues.”

TikTok (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

Since the Trump era, the US government has viewed TikTok as a national security risk. That’s because the social network belongs to ByteDance, a company based in China, the main commercial competitor of the United States.

Unlike the former US president, who tried to force the sale and ban the app, everything indicates that Biden is approaching an agreement to keep the app working in the country.

Because it is an agreement kept confidential, little is known about it. Still, sources confirmed to the NYT that there are three main points that should change how TikTok works or handles shared data.

The first of them tries precisely to prevent Chinese officials from having access to American data. For this, this information should be stored on servers in the United States and not in China, as is currently the case.

The second point aims to block any Chinese propaganda or disinformation campaigns. That way, it would be up to Oracle, which is based in Texas, to monitor what would be recommended by the TikTok algorithms.

The third point states that a council of security experts should be formed for the application. The purpose of this group would be to oversee the operations of the social network and would report directly to the US government.

Trading was not an easy undertaking.

Sources told the The New York Times that TikTok would have agreed to change how it collects the data and cede control over it to Oracle — that is, of course, as long as ByteDance retains ownership of the app.

However, the NYT claimed that the negotiations were not easy. The report also says that some officials from the Justice Department and the US Treasury Department have criticized the project. For them, this deal wasn’t hard enough for China or it wouldn’t be enough to address the national security risks.

TikTok on iPhone (Image: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash)
TikTok on iPhone (Image: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash)

While both sides are already well into negotiations, a final resolution could drag on for months, one source said. That’s because some points have not yet been resolved and, in November, the United States will have the election of Congress.

Sought after, TikTok said it was “confident” it was “on the path to fully satisfying all reasonable US national security concerns”. The White House and the US Department of Justice have not commented on the agreement.

With information: Reuters, The New York Times


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