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A week after its US launch, TikTok Now landed in Brazil. As ByteDance had already announced, the novelty arrived in the country as a unique app, which needs to be downloaded even by those who already have TikTok installed on their smartphone. With an interface and mechanics similar to those of BeReal, the app is already in the top positions in the Apple Store and Google Play.

TikTok Now App (Image: Paula Alves / APK Games)

Announced in the US last Thursday (15), TikTok Now drew attention right away for its similarities to BeReal, a photo-sharing app that has been gaining popularity since the beginning of the year.

Like him, ByteDance’s new app challenges the user to share authentic moments from their routine, sending a notification once a day when it’s time to post. From there, it’s up to the user to open the app and record what they’re doing, having three minutes to take a 10-second photo or video, without any filter or editing at their disposal to “beautify” the moment.

With one interface like BeRealwhich captures both the phone’s front and rear camera, TikTok Now only allows the user to view what their friends have posted if they themselves share an image or video on the day in question.

By downloading the app, those who already have TikTok installed on their smartphone can automatically link their account to TikTok Now and import their friends list into the new app. Afterwards, he can add new people or even make his posts public so that anyone on the social network can follow his day to day.

TiKTok Now is BeReal's copy to make you create even more content / TikTok / Outreach
TikTok Now has the interface and mechanics of BeReal (Image: Disclosure / TikTok)

Applications compete for positions among the most downloaded

It’s undeniable: TikTok Now arrived making noise. A few hours after its launch, the ByteDance novelty was already among the top 10 most downloaded apps on the Apple Store and Google Play in the category of social networks.

If in the Apple store it appeared in seventh place, while BeReal still maintained its position of first in the ranking, in the Play Store who took the best in the dispute was TikTok Now, which appeared in eighth, while BeReal “bittered” the tenth. position.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the ranking positions do not serve as a metric for the absolute number of app downloads, but rather as a measure of the popularity of the platforms at the moment.

TiKTok Now is BeReal's copy to make you create even more content / TikTok / Outreach
TikTok Now (Image: Disclosure / TikTok)

With interfaces and mechanics so similar, the dispute and comparisons between social networks ends up being inevitable.

Exactly knowing this, TikTok Now comes with some peculiarities that can make a difference in this dispute, such as 10-second videos (which do not exist on BeReal) and the possibility of importing your friends from TikTok to TikTok Now, establishing much faster a community on the social network.

Instagram, in turn, has also joined the dual camera and confirmed that it is working on a platform-like tool, which shows that this competition is just beginning.

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