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O TikTok announced this Thursday (15) the launch of TikTok Now, a new feature on the platform that encourages the sharing of unfiltered and unplanned images and videos. The tool works like BeReal, an app that reached popularity earlier this year, precisely because it went against the grain of the major social networks of the moment.

TikTok Now (Image: Disclosure / TikTok)

with face and manner BeReal, the new TIkTok tool works just like its competitor: every day, at a random time, the user receives a notification from the platform that it’s time to post. At that moment, he must register what he is seeing, having a limit of three minutes to take a photo or video of up to 10 seconds (option that did not exist in the original app).

Without filters or edits, the tool records both the rear and front camera of the device, and the content produced can be shared with your friends or anyone on the network, in a public feed (under 18s can only have a private account) .

TiKTok Now is BeReal's copy to make you create even more content / TikTok / Outreach
TikTok Now has the interface and mechanics of BeReal (Image: Disclosure / TikTok)

According to TikTok, in the US, the feature will be tested in the coming weeks and will be available within the app itself. And, as it was already possible to see in the publicity images, it will have a tab exclusively dedicated to it, located next to the home.

In Brazil, it is not yet known how it will be launched, but the company has already anticipated that in other regions, TikTok Now should arrive as a single application.

Instagram is also making its version of BeReal

It’s not just TikTok that has its eye on BeReal.

Shortly after launching the “double” featurewhich allows the user to open the phone’s front and back camera simultaneously, Instagram confirmed that it is working on a tool with the same mechanics of daily posting.

Like BeReal (and now TikTok), Instagram will send a notification to the user at a random time of day, allowing them up to two minutes to post what they’re seeing.

Called “IG Candid”, the feature had previously been discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared some images of the tool on Twitter.

Used only with the dual camera, IG Candid has no official release date yet, being in the stage of internal testing by Instagram.

With information: The Verge and TikTok


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