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O TikTok announced this Wednesday (21) that it is updating its guidelines on political accounts. Among the changes is the decision to ban all forms of fundraising for campaigns. The determination is valid for all countries in which the app operates, especially in the US, which will have elections for Congress in November.

TikTok (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

According to the statement, videos of politicians asking for donations or videos that direct users to a donation page will be removed from the platform.

As of this change, therefore, politicians and parties are also unable to monetize in-app content through features such as coins and giveaways in live streams.

These limitations apply to politicians and their parties, candidates, government profiles and their servants, political action committees and spokespersons representing these groups. Are exceptions: politically active users and NGOs involved in politics.

By banning campaign fundraising and limiting access to our monetization features, we aim to strike a balance between allowing people to discuss issues that are relevant to their lives while protecting the creative and fun platform that our community wants.

Blake Chandlee, President of Global Business Solutions at TikTok

In addition, TikTok also plans to display a “credential” on profiles of government officials, politicians and parties — a feature that already exists on Twitter, for example. According to Reutersinitially this feature should be restricted to the US.

According to O The Verge, the verification process may be requested voluntarily. However, if TikTok believes the account is operated by a political figure, it will happen automatically.

The company also announced that it will begin flagging election-related videos that may contain “false or unconfirmed” information.

TikTok has not run political ads since 2019

It seems like yesterday but about three years ago TikTok has decided to ban any political advertising. According to the company, they were not suited to the experience it intended to offer users.

At the time, Blake Chandlee, then VP of Global Business Solutions, said the app’s focus was on creating a genuine and fun experience for those consuming the short videos.

It is worth remembering that the ban on political ads took place after a report by the The Guardian showed how the social network censored videos that the Chinese government did not like.

Coincidentally or not, just under a week ago, a TikTok executive refused to stop sending US user data to China.

Furthermore, an extensive reportage of Buzzfeed News revealed that employees of ByteDance, the app’s parent company, had access to this data.

With information: TikTok Newsroom, The Verge and Reuters


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