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Customers TIM Black will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime at no additional cost for a limited time. This Thursday (15th), the TIM announced an upgrade to the postpaid plan with 20 GB of internet to offer subscription to the service. With the offer, Amazon users are entitled to free shipping and access to services like Prime Video.

TIM starts to offer postpaid plan with Amazon Prime subscription (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

The opportunity is part of a partnership between the operator and the virtual store, started with prepaid plans. In a press release, TIM informed that subscribers will have access to Amazon Prime free of charge for twelve months. But the offer is valid for the TIM Black 20 GB, which costs R$ 114.99 on the credit card or invoice with 12-month loyalty for customers in Rio de Janeiro (DDD 21) and São Paulo (DDD 11).

“We already offered a variety of content to customers in this segment [pós-pago] and, now with Amazon, we will deliver even more movies, series, music and reading, in addition to all the benefits for online shopping”, announced Paulo Esperandio, CMO of TIM.

The opportunity also guarantees savings of approximately one month less bill to those who already hire the operator’s plan. Currently, the monthly subscription to Amazon Prime costs R$ 14.90 which, in a twelve month period, totals R$ 178.80. The annual subscription to the Amazon package costs R$119.

The operator, however, did not say what will happen with the Amazon Prime subscription after the twelve-month period. O technoblog contacted TIM to resolve this question and will update the text in case of an answer.

Amazon Prime offers free shipping and access to other Amazon Prime services (Image: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash)
Amazon Prime offers free shipping and access to other Amazon Prime services (Image: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash)

TIM’s plan offers up to 50 GB of internet

The operator’s post-paid offer adds other benefits. In addition to the base allowance of 20 GB, it is possible to accumulate 50 GB with 5 GB when paying the invoice with fintech C6 Bank and 5 GB when porting to TIM. Customers also get a 20GB bonus for a limited time.

It is worth remembering that the extra 5 GB allowance for portability must be extended to all customers, whether they are new or not. It is what points to Anatel resolution 632/2014:

“Art. 46: All offers, including promotional offers, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including already Consumers of the Providerwithout distinction based on the date of subscription or any other form of discrimination within the geographical area of ​​the offer.”

The plan also offers other benefits. Among them is the accumulation of unused internet allowance in the following month, in addition to unlimited calls and SMS. Customers also have a package of roaming international storage of up to 20 GB for use in the Americas and Deezer Premium subscription included.

Amazon subscription also gives access to Prime Video (Photo: André Fogaça/APK Games)
Amazon subscription also gives access to Prime Video (Photo: André Fogaça/APK Games)

Vivo also provides a postpaid plan with Amazon Prime subscription since 2021. This is Vivo Selfie Amazon Prime, which offers up to 43 GB, including bonuses, for R$ 109.99 per month at DDD 21. Customers also have unlimited calls and SMS to any operator in Brazil.

In addition to Selfie with Amazon Prime, the operator offers packages with other services. Among them are Disney+, Globoplay, Netflix, Premiere, Spotify and Telecine, with monthly fees ranging from R$139.99 to R$179.99. Vivo Selfie Travel does not offer subscriptions to streaming platforms, but guarantees internet and calls in more than 175 countries for R$ 189.99 per month.


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