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You can use the Whatsapp on your smartphone and up to four other devices. But, by official means, the procedure does not work if one of them is a tablet. But that should change soon. The beta version of the messenger for Android brings a function that allows the user to link his account to a mobile phone and a tablet at the same time.

WhatsApp (image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Strong signs that WhatsApp is going down this path emerged in May, when new details of the so-called Companion mode have come to light.

At the time, it was clear that the feature will allow a single account to be used on two cell phones, but with a likely restriction. If the second device already has a WhatsApp account, it will be removed if another profile is added.

Despite this, the Companion mode can still be useful, as it should allow the messenger to be used on a mobile phone and a tablet, simultaneously.

This was an expected feature when the service released support for up to four concurrent devices last year. But in practice, the feature only works on desktops. It is even possible to use this mode on tablets, but through a browser or some unofficial trick.

The beta finally brought the feature to tablets

O WABetaInfo reports that the latest version of WhatsApp Beta on the Play Store ( enables Companion mode on Android tablets for multiple testers without any hacks.

Linking the account to the tablet is similar to the procedure on the desktop. In the WhatsApp application, just go to Settings, Connected Devices and Connect a Device for a QR Code to be generated and then read on the tablet.

If all goes well, chat conversations in the messenger will be synced between mobile and tablet, even if the former is not currently online. But the WABetaInfo also warns that some features may not work, such as real-time location. As the mode is in beta, it’s not surprising.

WhatsApp Beta on Android tablet (image: reproduction/WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp Beta on Android tablet (image: reproduction/WABetaInfo)

For now, only for Android

In this beta phase, the new Companion mode only works with Android tablets. But, yes, the functionality is expected to officially arrive on the iPad in the near future.

Let it be clear, however, that the tablet must be Android at this point, but that the account’s origin cell phone can be either an Android or an iPhone.

How much will the feature be released to all users? Nobody knows, because the Companion mode is still in development. But interested parties can participate in the WhatsApp beta program on the Play Store. If there is no vacancy, you can download a test apk file (at your own risk).


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