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This Tuesday (20), Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11 – O 2022 Updatealso known as Sun Valley 2. The update brings news aimed at optimizing tasks and system security; the great highlight is, without a doubt, the arrival of tabs in the File Explorer, something that users have requested a lot.

Windows 11 Update 22H2 now has tabs in File Explorer. (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

The feature works similarly to any browser: on the top bar, you can switch between different open folders within a single window. When clicking on a folder with the right mouse button, a new option will appear to open it in a new tab.

Another novelty that arrived with the update were the focus sessions (Focus sessions). From now on, the user will be able to set a specific time to focus and activate a timer.

When counting starts, the system will automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode, silencing all notifications. According to Microsoft, the purpose of the feature is to reduce distractions to help users finish their tasks as soon as possible.

Focus sessions arrive to help users focus better on their tasks
Focus sessions arrive to help users focus better on their tasks. (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

As for the safety of its consumers, the Redmond giant announced the new Smart App Control (or “Intelligent Application Control” in free translation).

The tool takes advantage of artificial intelligence to protect users from suspicious applications that contain malware and ransomware, for example.

According to the company, the solution will identify when people enter their credentials in a malicious application or website and alert them. To have access to this feature, however, it is necessary to make a clean install of windows 11.

Smart App Control uses AI to detect potential device threats
Smart App Control uses AI to detect potential device threats. (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

Update has new features for those who use the camera

For those who routinely make video calls, here’s good news: Windows 11 now has Windows Studio Effects. According to Microsoft, it will be possible to improve the audio and image during a call.

In addition, the app has interesting features. Some highlights are: camera effectswhich can blur the background natively; external noise compression, making the voice of the speaker more evident; and automatic framingfeature that makes the camera always leave the user in the center of the plane.

Windows Studio Effects promises to help those who make video calls
Windows Studio Effects promises to help those who make video calls. (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

Who is also present in this new version of Windows is the video editor ClipChamp. Microsoft says that, with it, you can edit videos simply, easily and quickly. The app, it is worth mentioning, has basic functions, such as applying effects, templates, transitions and more.

New version of Windows 11 now has ClipChamp video editor
New version of Windows 11 now has the ClipChamp video editor (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

There are other improvements in the 2022 Update, as Microsoft points out:

  • Customizable Start Menu: as we had already advanced, from this update it is possible create and organize folders in the pinned apps area. You can add more apps, rearrange and remove apps as you like.
  • New touch gestures: If you’re using a compatible device — that turns into a tablet, for example — you’ll be able to use new gestures, such as swiping up to open the Start menu.
  • System-wide live captions: It will now be possible to see an automatic transcription of videos and podcasts, for example, on the screen. This feature can be especially useful for the hearing impaired.
  • voice control: Microsoft itself confessed that the feature is not yet complete, but released a “preview” in this update. With Voice Access, you can control the device just using your voice, without having to type or use the mouse.
Live captions promise to transcribe all audio that is played for a better understanding
Live captions promise to transcribe all audio that is played for a better understanding. (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

How to upgrade to the new version of Windows 11?

If you’re already using a more up-to-date version of Windows 11, it’s simple to access the version available today: just check the Windows Update section in your computer’s Settings.

You may not see the update notice, but don’t worry: Microsoft says that its launch process is gradual and may take a while.

Now, if your device is running Windows 10 and you want to skip to the latest update, it’s worth checking the Windows Update section. Before that, however, it is worth noting that not all Windows 10 devices can upgrade to 11.

If you prefer to stick with Windows 10, that’s fine: Microsoft has promised to support it until October 2025.

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