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THE Microsoft released, this Wednesday (14), the latest build of Windows 11, which takes the 25201. The new system preview arrives with the expanded view of widgets, removal of the web search tool from the taskbar, shortcuts to Game Pass and new features in File Explorer.

Windows 11 (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)

The main focus of this update is, without a doubt, the new view of widgets — what they call Expanded View (in free translation, Expanded View).

Now, when you click the dedicated button, the widget panel will move out of the left side of the screen and become an independent window in the center of the screen, showing more content.

You can switch between the expanded and normal view by clicking on the button positioned in the upper right corner of the panel — the one next to the “Add widgets” button.

Still, Windows will remember the user’s preference, so if you close the panel in the expanded view, the next time you want to access it, it will open just the same.

The feature, however, is in the testing phase. Therefore, it is only available to users who are part of the program. Windows Insider.

You can now see Widgets in an expanded view in Windows 11
Now you can see the widgets in an expanded view (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

Game Pass widget improvements

The Game Pass widget now allows the user to log into their account. When connected, the tile shows a list of suggested games or recently opened ones that serve as a shortcut to launch from there.

Because it is a trial version, some users have reported that the option to log in does not work as it should. According to them, the widget opens the Xbox app to connect the account instead of starting the game, even when the login is already done.

With the update, it is possible to enter Game Pass directly from the Widget
With the update, it will be possible to enter Game Pass directly from the widget (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

What’s New in File Explorer Search

There’s good news for anyone using search in File Explorer. Now, the tool will show the results as the user types the query, eliminating the need to press “Enter” to check them.

Another novelty is that, from this build, Explorer will display more files that are in the cloud in its search results. Still, the feature is not available to all users.

The new version of the system also bids farewell to different looks of the search tool on the taskbar. This may have been the result of negative feedback from users, as Microsoft said it had completed testing the tool.

With information: Windows Insider Blog

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