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It is undeniable that the Microsoft has been doing interesting work with the Windows Terminal. This week, the company released a preview of version 1.6 of the tool. The main attraction of the novelty is in the look. Theme support has improved, as well as interface customizations. Who said the command line has to be boring?

Too many colors in Windows Terminal (image: publicity/Microsoft)

Previous versions already allowed customization of the interface. But not Windows Terminal 1.6 Preview, Microsoft tried to improve this feature. In other words, it started to cut, after all, this work is still in progress.

It’s not just about allowing the tool to be colorful and nicer. Using different themes can be useful for anyone working with multiple Windows Terminal windows at the same time, just to give you an example.

Other: A visually impaired person can create a high-contrast theme tailored to properly visualize the application.

In Windows Terminal 1.6, the user can select a theme from the drop-down menu that appears in the appearance settings. There are several predefined options available.

Windows Terminal 1.6 (image: publicity/Microsoft)
Windows Terminal 1.6 (image: publicity/Microsoft)

It is also possible to change the characteristics of the available options or, as already clear, create your own theme. But, at least for now, this customization can only be done with changes to the Windows Terminal settings JSON file.

THE Microsoft even gave a sample theme code to the JSON file. But for those who don’t want to do this work, at least it is possible to adjust some characteristics of the window, such as background and tab color.

What else does Windows Terminal 1.6 bring?

The appearance aspect is really the highlight of Windows Terminal 1.6. In addition to the improved support for themes, Microsoft has taken care to make the interface that allows adjustments to color schemes more intuitive. Look how it turned out:

Color configuration in Windows Terminal 1.6 (image: publicity/Microsoft)
Color configuration in Windows Terminal 1.6 (image: publicity/Microsoft)

In this preview, Microsoft also defaulted a feature introduced in Windows Terminal 1.3. I’m talking about a new rendering engine that improves the tool’s performance when large amounts of text in many different colors are displayed.

The new renderer also supports shading effects and bold text, for example. Additionally, the feature enables a performance tuning mode on computers that do not have hardware graphics acceleration enabled.

Returning to the theme aspect, Microsoft changed some default colors to make the application’s interface more pleasant and coherent. To top it off, the dark theme is enabled by default from now on. It is possible to make the theme follow the settings of the operational systembut this has to be activated manually.

Ah, as always, bug fixes are also part of the news.

Download Windows Terminal 1.6 Preview

If you felt the urge to test the tool, here’s the Windows Terminal 1.6 download link from Microsoft Store. You can also download it via GitHub.

Remember that this is a preview, so instabilities or crashes may occur. If this is a problem for you, the tip is Download Windows Terminal 1.5.

Just for the record: the app is free, has source code open and works on both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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