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This could be a great time for you to get the most powerful console from Microsoft. The Xbox Series X is priced at BRL 4,137.57 on Amazon, but the price drops to R$ 3,806.56 considering Zoom’s 8% cashback. As always, the stock shouldn’t last long, so it’s worth being agile to guarantee the system in your home.

Xbox Series X (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Payment methods are via Pix, bank slip or credit card in up to 10 interest-free installments. To get the additional discount, you must activate the Zoom cashback before going to Amazon, logging in to the platform to receive 8% of the amount back (R$ 331.01), which can later be withdrawn to your bank account.

As the video game does not appear in stock so often, the offer is particularly interesting, even more so for this price. We never know when he will show up again.

It comes with a black wireless controller and 1TB of internal storage. Enough to enjoy some good titles on Game Pass or via physical media. We cannot forget that this model accepts discs from all generations of Microsoft, from the classic Xbox, through the Xbox 360 and arriving at the most recent titles that are yet to be released.

It is worth noting that the Xbox Series X does not only bring the disc player as a difference between the Xbox Series S. In addition to the greater amount of space for games and apps, the system has a 12 Teraflops GPU, in contrast to the 4 Teraflops of its younger brother.

This means that games on the console can run at 4K resolutions between 60 and 120 frames per second. Something the Series S can’t do, for example. To find out which one is best for you, see the comparison between the two models.

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TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)

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