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Apple has barely put its new Apple Watch Ultra in stores and there are already people interested in testing all its resistance. But I’m not talking about how long the gadget’s battery lasts, for example. The tests were focused on the physical durability of the watch, in several situations that are quite dangerous for similar devices. The result was devastating, if you know what I mean.

Apple Watch Ultra (Image: Playback / Apple)

With a suggested price of R$ 10,299, the Apple Watch Ultra has as its main highlight its durability. The gadget was made to be used by practitioners of extreme sports, so it is to be expected that it will be tough on the drop.

Therefore, the Ukrainian youtuber TechRax, decided to buy the smartwatch with the intention of doing insane endurance tests. In his video, the content producer unboxes before putting the product in different situations.

It all starts with the Apple Watch Ultra falling to the ground. Something that can happen to anyone who doesn’t wear a smartwatch securely on their wrist. Then the boy puts the watch into a jar full of nails and shakes it. To make the item even less likely to survive, TechRax decides to drop a hammer on top of it. Finally, a series of hammer blows put a full stop on the object.

If you are an apple fan, I warn you that the images are strong.

YouTube video

Even with so much beating, it’s a wonder that the smartwatch has withstood such pressure. Point for Apple, no doubt.

Youtuber is practically a sadist of gadgets

It is not the first time that the Ukrainian has decided to play wrestling with expensive and famous products. On its YouTube channel, TechRax has already taken to the ring devices such as an iPhone 14, a PlayStation 5 and even a Tesla Model 3 car screen.

The situations bring stab wounds, hammers, falls down stairs, very low temperatures, etc. Of course, the products can’t come out victorious, but apparently what counts is the experience. Anyway, I’m not sure if the youtuber’s goal is personal entertainment or scientific tests.

Lie, of course it’s fun.

With information: mashable.

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