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Cell phones are allies even in public transport. But Samsung improved this combination: this Monday (19), users of Samsung Pay received payment support from Rio de Janeiro subway without having to unlock your smartphone. The feature is available for NFC transactions with credit and debit cards.

Samsung Pay offers payment on the subway without having to unlock the phone (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

The statement appeared on the Samsung Pay app. In the notice, the manufacturer stated that users can purchase tickets for public transport by touching the phone to the turnstile validator. Thus, it will not be necessary to enter the password or use biometrics to guarantee access to the subway, bus, train and the like.

The feature, which is known as Transit, makes the service more agile. That’s because users don’t need to trigger Samsung Pay manually, as was done before: you just need to hold the phone close. And the cell phone maker Galaxy even highlights that the novelty gives “more practicality” to the daily lives of users.

And I have to agree. Since last year, I use my cell phone and watch to pay for the subway ticket here in Rio de Janeiro, which speeds up my day to day a lot. With the option to pay the ticket without having to unlock your smartphone, all this becomes even faster, especially when carrying bags.

Samsung Pay allows contactless payments with credit and debit cards (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)
Samsung Pay allows contactless payments with credit and debit cards (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Transit requires prior configuration to be used

The function must be configured before it can be used. For this, it is necessary to access the Samsung Pay home screen, search for the “Public transport” section, tap the “Start” button and choose a card to make transactions. Then, just approach the subway turnstile and touch the validator’s cell phone, without having to unlock it.

For now, Transit is only available to the Rio de Janeiro subway. According to the MetrôRio website, the turnstiles accept payments with Visa, Mastercard and Elo cards. The method for making transactions by approach is also available on the Metrô na Superfície lines, which connect Botafogo and Leblon to PUC, in Gávea.

According to Samsung, other cities will receive the functionality “soon”.

Thank you, Renato Garcia, for the suggestion!

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