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During a conference on Tuesday (13), Andrew Wilsonpresident of Electronic Arts (EA), said the company intends to allow users to create their own content in the games. For the CEO, this is an “extraordinary opportunity”, citing titles like Minecraft and roblox which, according to him, have an enduring popularity.

This “new” business may not just be for future titles, like the award-winning franchise skateboard.which should return very soon with user-made content.

Wilson mentioned at the conference that some EA franchises, although in a limited way, already have some aspects of creation, such as: the Sims, FIFA and battlefield.

For the president of EA, the idea is to extend this to more games. He also hopes that, in the future, players will be able to create items or worlds co-existing with the company’s and that other players will be able to visit them – something similar to what Epic Games does in Fortnite.

What we hope to see over the next 5 or 10 years, and we have a vision of that starting today, is that there will be the creation of new worlds that will fit right alongside the worlds that we created.

Also according to Wilson, the correlation between “engaged minutes” on a title—that is, how much time someone spends playing it—and the money spent on it is almost one to one.

He said: “Whether we create the content or our community creates it, as long as it’s high quality and engaging, it represents an extraordinary opportunity for us.”

This, therefore, seems to be just one of the strategies that the CEO has to highlight EA in the large market that is the games, pointing out the large companies, such as Apple and Google, which have recently entered this sector:

I say to our teams: never underestimate these giant companies that have innovative DNA, monopolistic tendencies and deep pockets. We always have to ask ourselves what happens if they get it right. But starting today, we have this very unique and special opportunity to deliver the future of entertainment.

The Sims 4 will become free in October

This week EA announced which will provide the base game of the Sims 4 free on all platforms on October 18th.

From that date, users of PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series and One will be able to enjoy the most basic package of the most famous simulator in the world.

However, like the technoblog pointed out, all extra downloadable content (DLCs) will continue to be paid for. The sum of all of them is almost R$ 5 thousand.

Whoever buys the game before the 17th of October gets the Desert Paradise Kit, inspired by the deserts of the American Southwest. The pack adds new furniture and a new world on the game map.

The most recent expansion was released in July of this year and is called High School Yearsfocusing precisely on the Sims’ high school years.

the Sims 4

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