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It seems that the YouTube Premium is becoming a necessity. Recently, the platform streaming started testing to run five ads before the videos. But the case goes further: in an experiment, the YouTube started showing 10 (that’s right, ten) advertisements without the option to jump straight to the content.

YouTube (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

The reports surfaced a few months ago. This Thursday (15th), the technoblog informed the cases of users who received five previous advertisements to access the videos. Each clipping was six seconds long, making a total of 30 seconds. But even so, they caused a certain estrangement among the spectators.

The problem is that the company thought of a higher figure. In addition to the sequence with five short advertisements (a format known as bumper ads), some people received a streak with ten campaigns that cannot be skipped. It’s what a topic shows from Reddit published by a person from Denmark in July.

Other users have reported a similar experience on the same topic. “I took ten [propagandas] on my Roku. Five minutes of video later, I got nine more,” one person commented last week about a 30-minute piece of content. There was even a joke in the middle of the discussion:

“Advertisers: How many ads do you want on a YouTube video?

YouTube: Yes”

YouTube displays ten ads at once (Image: Playback/Reddit)
YouTube displays ten ads at once (Image: Playback/Reddit)

Users also reported via Twitter

Other inquiries have been made over the past few weeks. Still on Reddit, one person claimed last week that they first received a ten-ad sequence when watching a video on their TV. Then came face to face with seven more advertisements.

In addition to the complaints made by Reddit, there are reports about the same case on other social networks. This is the case with Twitter, which even encompasses the complaint of a person who received eight advertising campaigns before reproducing the content:

“We have completed this little experiment”, says YouTube

The change, in fact, caused discomfort. After all, YouTube has long become a platform that seems to have more advertising than videos themselves. No wonder, some already consider the Premium subscription as essential to have a little more peace and comfort when using the service.

However, what do those responsible for the platform have to say about the case? Well, by twitter, the company regretted learning that a user was not enjoying the experience. And he suggested both sending feedback and customizing ads to ensure a better experience.

The other explanations were given on Thursday (15). To PCMaga spokesperson for the service confirmed the experiment: “We ran a small global experiment that served multiple ads in an advertising pod when viewers watched longer videos on television.”

According to the company, the action aims to “create a better experience for viewers by reducing commercial breaks”. In fact, it’s much better to face the advertisements before the video than to be interrupted while the content is playing. But, obviously, you have to be thrifty.

The spokesperson also told the website that the “small experiment” has been completed. However, the company did not specify whether users will receive more than two ads before watching the videos.

In the meantime, the best alternative to avoid the advertisements is to subscribe to the YouTube Premiumwhich starts at R$ 20.90 per month, excluding the student plan.

With information: 9to5Google and PCMag

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